Book 7

It’s been four years since the terrifying incidents occurred in Hawaii and Washington D.C., yet Thomas Clark can’t stop looking over his shoulder. Now, in late 2001 and in the aftermath of 9/11, he and Laura are challenged with a decision that will define their future. But they’re not the only ones facing turmoil. Sam and Bill land on the razor’s edge as a judgment call they made, twelve years prior, comes back to haunt them. As the families work together to combat a common enemy they are not prepared for the situation they get placed in, nor do they completely understand what sacrifices they’ll have to endure…in Shadows of the Serpent.

Paperback ($17.99): Shadows of the Serpent

Kindle ($7.99): Shadows of the Serpent

Published - 2014

307 pages

Shadows of the heart

  Book 5

Everything has changed. Thomas and his daughter Emily are now held hostage in Washington D.C. while Sam and Bill are in the process of making their escape from Cuba. And Laura, along with Julie and Kim, must act quickly to ensure that their extended family maneuvers out of harm’s way. With the families divided across the globe just how much will each of them personally risk to reunite with each other? Only time will tell because nothing will ever be the same again in Shadows of the Heart.

Paperback ($17.99): Shadows of the Heart

Kindle ($7.99): Shadows of the Heart

Published - 2014

388 pages


  Book 9

After the Director of the CIA is captured by an old nemesis, Nikolay Dmitriev, long thought dead, Thomas and his family are left with no other choice than to flee the safety of their new home.  However, to complicate their situation even further, a game-changing video is released that depicts Thomas and Gavin miraculously rescuing Sam and Bill from their captors in Afghanistan.  As people of the world begin to demand answers the President of the United States outs Thomas’ identity, immediately putting the family’s lives at risk.  With nowhere left to hide the family realizes that it’s only a matter of time before they’ll be hunted down and caught, to be locked away and experimented on.  Thomas, continually regretful of the danger he’s placed his entire family in throughout the years, takes a stand and demonstrates his abilities to the world.  But will that be enough to save them?  Only time will tell…in Shadows of the Children.

Paperback ($17.99): Shadows of the Children

Kindle ($7.99): Shadows of the Children

Published - 2015
428 pages

D.W. Neuman's Books

Shadows of the sand

  Book 6

We all know that Sam, Bill and Thomas grew up together as best friends, overcame their childhood bully and then dived into a new nightmare called high school. But what actual events transpired that sent Sam and Bill into military service, and to eventually create their own business we know as SANDBOX? And how did Thomas become a successful children’s book writer and come to live in Running Springs? This glimpse back in time will set the foundation for what each of them will endure in the future. Their past will catch up to them soon enough because, as we know, nothing is ever as it appears…in Shadows of the Sand.

Paperback ($17.99): Shadows of the Sand

Kindle ($7.99): Shadows of the Sand

Published - 2014

379 pages


  Book 8

After Thomas and Laura accept the Director of Central Intelligences offer to work for him in Virginia, it doesn’t take long before they and their children, Emily and Gavin, are confronted with new obstacles that challenge their cohesive unit.  Sam and Bill, with SANDBOX teetering on the edge of oblivion, agree to a dangerous mission in the Middle East.  While Julie and Kim are unhappy with their husband’s decision, they also find themselves at wits end as they feel obligated to send their children off to a boarding school, away from potential danger.  As all of them feel the pressure mount, old enemies believed to be long dead, reappear and strike out at the family’s fragile state.  Before long it’s just a matter of time before the world is overrun by the impending chaos…in Shadows of the Future.

Paperback ($17.99): Shadows of the Future

Kindle ($7.99): Shadows of the Future

Published - 2015
414 pages

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D.W. Neuman's Shadows series


  Book 11

Five calm and uneventful years have elapsed since Thomas Clark altered the timeline, effectively saving the world from extinction.  His actions, however, left him tormented with the sole knowledge and weight of the previous timeline’s horrors; a cost he readily accepted now that Abby, his sister, has become part of his life.  In time his terrible dreams subsided, with the help of his wife, Laura, and his Hawaiian life with his family and friends was blissful. 

But now, five years later, Thomas’ nightmares have returned with a vengeance.  Not only that, he also discovers he’s not the only family member to experience flashbacks from the former timeline, which should be impossible.  As confusion ensues his family and friends are beset by a random series of events, events that will push their families to their limits in…Shadows of the Faceless.

Paperback ($17.99): Shadows of the Faceless

Kindle ($7.99): Shadows of the Faceless

Published - 2018
333 pages

My very first novel, Shadows of the Mind, I began when I was nineteen. Unfortunately I ended up leaving it behind to do what everyone else is forced to do and work for money. Twenty-one years later I found it, dusted it off and decided to finally take a stab at my life long dream.  A number of months later, in early 2011, I self-published my novel and subsequently held my creation in my hands for the very first time.  It was an unbelievable feeling of accomplishment.

Initially I envisioned my Shadow series would contain at least seven books. And I have to stress 'at least' because my have fallen in love with my characters would inevitably plan my horrific death if I hinted that their adventures had come to an end :).  It's weird how my characters have grown through their experiences and actions. It's like they talk to me and tell me to keep putting them in harm's way regardless of the outcome that may come from it. And as a writer, who am I to say "no" to my characters, that are as real and tangible as they have become through my books.


  Book 13

Thomas Clark and his family have gone public, and because of that, the whole world knows who they are and the abilities they possess.  And those who view Thomas as both a threat and a shift in the balance of world power, now seek to eliminate him from the board.  

Under the watchful eye of the FBI, the first assassination attempt on the family fails, but provides the first clue that a powerful state actor, the Vatican, was behind the attack.  As the family scurries for safety, who else will jump into the fray?  Find out…in Shadows of the Order.

Paperback ($17.99): Shadows of the Order

Kindle ($7.99): Shadows of the Order
Published - 2022
350 pages

SHADOWS OF THE ever-after

  Book 10

With a significant portion of the world’s population dead from the devastating effects of Dr. Matsushita’s plague, Thomas, Sam, Bill and their families, alongside Dr. Matsushita, are imprisoned deep underground in Area-51, their incarceration courtesy of the President of the United States.  But humanity’s future becomes ominously dire, after Dr. Matsushita’s daring escape, when he brokers a deal with a timeless creature, from the Other Place, that emerges out of Gavin’s portal.  And to make matters worse, with the end of days on the horizon, the Russian President, Demian Anatolievich, heightens the conflict stating he’ll use everything at his disposal to impede the invading force.  Could this be the end…or is this just the beginning in the series finale…Shadows of the Ever-After.

Paperback ($17.99): Shadows of the Ever-After

Kindle ($7.99): Shadows of the Ever-After

Published - 2016
385 pages

Shadows of the service

  Book 3

Throughout Thomas Clark’s life it’s been hinted that his father, Michael Clark, worked for the CIA before his untimely death. Did he actually work for the CIA? Are the rumors true? How did he manage to leave such a large inheritance to Thomas? For those answers the clock will swing farther back than ever before as Michael Clark’s life is peeled away, layer by layer in Shadows of the Service.

Paperback ($18.99): Shadows of the Service

Kindle ($8.99): Shadows of the Service

Published - 2012

546 pages


  Book 12

Thomas Clark, alongside his family and best friends, Sam and Bill, now realize that the individual behind the attacks on all of them have been perpetrated by a foe they faced before Thomas inadvertently altered the timeline…The Ancient.  This powerful and formidable entity successfully escaped the confines of The Caretaker’s prison and has spent that time toying with Thomas. 

But playtime is over. 

With threats coming from every direction the family is forced to flee for their lives as The Ancient strives to remove them from the board, permanently, in…Shadows of the Ancient.

Paperback ($17.99): Shadows of the Ancient

Kindle ($7.99): Shadows of the Ancient

Published - 2019
389 pages

Shadows of the mind

  Book 1

In 1990 Thomas Clark, a successful children’s book writer, begins to experience debilitating nightmares about his notorious fourth grade bully, Nigel Clemmings. After one of these episodes Thomas wakes up with blood on his hands, the TV covering a murder from the previous night and an extremely strange message written on his bedroom wall. With the help of his psychiatrist, and two childhood friends, Thomas has no choice but to begin reliving his painful childhood in an effort to unmask the truth behind this conspiracy.

Paperback ($17.99): Shadows of the Mind

Kindle ($7.99): Shadows of the Mind

Published - 2011

498 pages

Shadows of the soul

  Book 2

It’s been seven years since Thomas Clark’s life was abruptly turned upside down. His wife Laura, and their two children Emily and Gavin, have settled down in their new life together in Northern California. However, when Thomas begins to realize they’re being watched he fears his past may be back to haunt him. In an all-out battle against time, Thomas, along with his old friends Sam and Bill, must decipher what the truth really is before all their lives are changed forever.

Paperback ($15.99): Shadows of the Soul

Kindle ($7.99): Shadows of the Soul

Published - 2011

356 pages

Shadows of the Past

  Book 4

Thirty years of history hangs in the air as Michael Clark concludes his story. But there are questions that still remain. Who is the mysterious Yuri and has the CIA been compromised for the past three decades? What about the money Michael relieved Nikolay of? All three families have little idea who or what they’re up against as horrific events began to unfold throughout the United States. In the end each of them will decide how far they’re willing to go to protect their family…in Shadows of the Past.

Paperback ($17.99): Shadows of the Past

Kindle ($7.99): Shadows of the Past

Published - 2013

454 pages