Here you'll find the additional books I've authored, other than my ongoing Shadow Series!

frame of mind


Tragedy befalls Josh Drake, a Silicon Valley engineer, when his wife is senselessly murdered during a botched robbery.  Their ten-year-old son, Corey, who bore witness to the horrific event, develops debilitating nightmares which leads Josh to conceive a device that will supplant his son’s dreams with alternative memories.

He succeeds and gives birth to an unprecedented new level of escapism, one the world hastily succumbs to.  However, Josh’s invention also attracts the unwelcomed attention of humanity’s darker side, specifically those in the government desperate to augment this new technology towards their own agendas.  Josh, no longer knowing whom he can truly trust, is left with little choice but to wade headfirst into unfamiliar territory to thwart their malicious endeavors.

​Paperback ($17.99): Frame of Mind

Kindle ($7.99): Frame of Mind

Published - 2017
498 pages

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